Property and Real Estate

Roughly each and every use of property and real estate in Sweden is subject to at least some type of legislation. In most cases the legislation is absolute but in some cases the parties are free to make agreements. When dealing with property and real estate most often the agreements have to be written and sometimes even attested, although in some cases there are exceptions to these rules.

Almost every company has its business activities at an office or premise that they rent, lease or own. Thus they become liable to real estate legislation. We have a wide-ranging experience of all forms of legal matters concerning property and real estate. 

Assignments we regularly receive include:
• acquisitions and sales of property and real estate
• land parceling and registration through partition, lease and lend agreements, easement, tenancy and other rights of use
• wind power establishments
• defects and demerits in property and real estate
• building permits
• infrastructure projects
• rights to establishment of wiring, plumbing and cabling
• compulsory acquisition/expropriation
• issues regarding roads and transportation

For more information, please contact Magnus Berg or Pia Bosdotter Olson


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