Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate transactions

The acquisition and sale of corporate entities has become one of our primary areas of expertise. Our main priority of working towards entrepreneurs and small to mid-cap companies, has given us extensive experience of projecting, leading and managing mergers, acquisitions and sales of companies and business ventures. 

Our cost efficient service stretches from "A to Z", meaning that we assist the client across the board in the acquisition process, including:
• initial planning and projecting
• tactical and strategical planning
• letters of Intent
• due diligence
• negotiations
• transaction agreements and all phases connected therewith
• closing

The acquisition of a group, a company or a business activity puts certain emphasis on involving skilled, accurate advisors. Even though our experience may be limited to the legal field, our global network built on personal relationships allows us to help our clients by supplying the support services they may need, both inside and outside of Sweden.

For more information, please contact Anders Kinntorph or Patrick Andersson 


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