Environmental law

Environmental law is a broad, lengthy, ever-increasing legal field that effects, and has become more central for, most companies, municipalities and government agencies. In almost all legislation concerning establishment, references are made to the Swedish Environmental Code or other legislation passed on grounds stipulated in the Code. This means that almost all use of land or water from the smallest farm to the establishment of industrial complexes and infrastructural projects, are affected by the environmental legislation. This may be directly, on the grounds that a certain permit must be sought after according to the Code, or indirectly, meaning that agencies and municipalities must take account of the Code in their planning and projecting. Sweden's memberships of the EU has also led to a noticeable increase in the rate of change to legislation in the environmental legal field, meaning that legislation that was valid a couple of years ago can be outdated today.

Nordic Law works with environmental questions on a daily basis and, with over 25 years of experience in the field, has gathered a precise and accurate knowledge of all environmental legal aspects. Specific areas include water laws, wind park establishments, major infrastructural projects and environmental legal proceedings in civil and environmental courts.

Legislation concerning water is very complex in contrast to many other areas of environmental law and requires great experience and technical knowledge. Magnus Berg is one of Sweden's most experienced attorneys in this field, with experience of over 500 water cases.

For more information, please contact Magnus Berg or Pia Bosdotter Olson.


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