Corporate law

Corporate law is an important part of company law. Almost all of our clients come in contact with matters regarding corporate law sooner or later. At Nordic Law, we have the experience and knowledge to assist our clients in the wide array of corporate legal matters that may occur.

Nordic Law has assisted clients in all phases of public listings, share issues, mergers and acquisitions. With our network and personal contacts we can assure that domestic and international corporate matters are handled most effectively. We have a long experience of assisting foreign clients in learning and applying Swedish corporate law.

Matters that we handle on a regular basis include setting up companies, share issues and other administrative matters, mergers and acquisitions and corporate transactions. We are also hired on a regular basis as chairperson, secretary or counsel for shareholders during shareholders’ meetings. Some of our clients have even asked us to take on the post of secretary in their company board.

For more information, please contact Anders Kinntorph or Patrick Andersson


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