Commercial Contracts

The legal field of commercial contracts is a cornerstone in our law firm. Extensive experience of managing Swedish and international agreements, combined with access to a global network of law firms, is making us an effective partner in the preparation, review or negotiation on all kinds of agreements that occurs in the business. 

We also help our clients to develop their own business models and contract structures. In combination with education and checklists we raise the company's own business legal skills while creating a system for the company's business contracts. Using the company's existing IT structure or other appropriate software, we also look to keep order on model agreements and original agreements. 

The following are examples of commercial contract types we regularly deal with: 
• distribution/retail 
• commercial agency 
• sub contract/framework agreements 
• strategic cooperation agreements/joint ventures 
• consulting and outsourcing 
• license 
• rental and leasing agreements 
• franchise/concept manuals

For more information, please contact Anders Kinntorph or Patrick Andersson.


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