Doing business in Sweden

From our extensive experience of working with foreign companies and investors with business in Sweden, we have come to two conclusions: There is a sustainable and ever-increasing interest from foreign investors and corporations in this global region, and once they are acquainted with the region, the more that interest is spurred on.

Sweden has been one of Europe’s top destinations for foreign investment over the past decade. Strategically located in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea region and equipped with a generous supply of technology, know-how and natural resources, the country is strongly positioned to meet investor demand in the future. The business region of Gothenburg and Malmö are two key strategic areas for business operations, both being innovative areas showing constant business growth and development, focusing on entrepreneurship and developing business concepts.

The Swedish business climate is known for flat organizational structures and managers who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves. Business in Sweden is constantly evolving, becoming more competitive — but always with people and the environment in mind.

Through 25 years of legal experience, Nordic Law has obtained extensive experience of assisting foreign investors and businesses establishing themselves in Sweden or working with Swedish companies. Our wide-ranging network allows us to offer our services far beyond the legal spectrum.

Whether your questions arise from establishing corporate entities, affiliates or branch offices, your contractual harmonization with the Swedish and European legal system, the Swedish employment or environmental laws or real estate you wish to acquire, sell, hire or sublet, Nordic Law has the experience and knowledge necessary to assist foreign companies and their representatives.

If you are interested in establishing in Sweden, or just feel curious about what we can offer you, please feel free to contact Anders Kinntorph, a partner at Nordic Law.


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