The fundamentals of Nordic Law

Discover a knowledge-based company that specializes in Swedish and international commercial and business law. Here you will find specialist knowledge and network equal to the larger law firms, but with a personal touch - and at half the cost.

At Nordic Law, the values we create for the client lead us in everything we do. Our advice is preventive and we believe in, what can be defended in the long-term, rather than making quick fixes. This way we hope to minimize the clients exposure to future suprises. We strive to be available and sharp, and our messages will always be conveyed in a language understood by our clients. We are involved in all legal and operative phases of the companies we work with, providing our services from "ax till limpa"(Swedish reference to baking bread). We view ourselves as an integral and natural part in our clients total business operation.

Member of the Swedish Bar Association.

VAT-number SE556056520101


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